Article 1, Purpose

These Terms and Conditions are “KOU'S" (The rest ‘site’), The purpose of the site is to regulate the terms and conditions of use of the service and its operation.

Articl 2, Derfinition of Terms.

Definitions of key terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.

  • Member : A user who agrees to the terms of the site, provides personal information and registers the membership, and concludes a contract with the site and uses the site.
  • Utilization contract : A contract between a site and a member in connection with the use of the site.
  • Member ID (The rest ‘ID’) : It is a combination of unique letters and numbers assigned to each member to identify members and use the services of members.
  • Password : It is a combination of letters and numbers selected by the member in order to confirm that the member is a member who is matched with the ID given to the member and protect the rights and interests of the member.
  • Operator : Operator who opens and operates a homepage in the service.
  • Cancel : A member cancels a contract of use.

Articl 3, Terms excluding Regulation

The Operator may announce the Operational Policy separately if necessary, and if the Operational Policies are overlapped, the Operational Policy shall prevail.

Articl 4, conclusion of a contract

  • The contract of use is established by the consent of the operator to agree to the contents of this agreement and to apply for the membership by registering as a member and using the site.
  • If you want to register as a member and want to use the service, please read the terms of this agreement and slect “ I agree “ below to sign the agreement.

Articl 5, Application for Service Use.

  • Users who want to use the site by registering as a member must provide all the information (user ID, password, nickname, etc.) requested from the site.
  • Members who do not register their true information, such as stealing information from other people or registering false information, can not claim any rights related to the use of the site and can be punished according to related laws.

Articl 6, Privacy policy

The Site and the Operator do not have a password among the personal information provided at the time of signing up, and the related parts are subject to the Site Privacy Policy.

The operator shall endeavor to protect the personal information of the member including the member registration information as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations.
The personal information of the member is subject to the provisions of the related laws and regulations and the personal information processing policy set by the site.
However, the operator is not responsible for the information exposed due to the member's reasons.
The operator can view the member's data and submit the related materials to the relevant organizations when the member registers or distributes
 illegal posts such as posts that are hurt by morals or violate national security.

Articl 7, Duty of operator

  • If the operator considers that the opinions or complaints raised by the using member are legitimate, he / she should deal with it as soon as possible.

  • However, if it is difficult to handle it promptly due to personal circumstances, we do our best to send a note or e-mail to the member after the notice or use.
  • 다만, 개인적인 사정으로 신속한 처리가 곤란한 경우에는 사후에 공지 또는 이용회원에게 쪽지, 전자우편 등을 보내는 등 최선을 다합니다.
  • The operator may require the site to repair or repair the equipment in the event of a failure of loss of facilities in order to provide a continuous and stable site without delay.
  • 운영자는 계속적이고 안정적인 사이트 제공을 위하여 설비에 장애가 생기거나 유실된 때에는 이를 지체 없이 수리 또는 복구할 수 있도록 사이트에 요구할 수 있습니다.
  • However, if there is a natural disaster or any unavoidable reason for the site or operator, you may suspend operation of the site.

Articl 8, Membership

  • Members must comply with the matters stipulated in the Terms and the matters posted by the site including the operator's regulations, notices and operating policies, and relevant laws and regulations, and any other activities that interfere with the work of other sites, Do not act.
  • Members may not transfer or give the right to use the service or other use contract status to another person without the express consent of the site and can not provide it as collateral.
  • Users must take great care in managing their ID and password, and can not provide their ID to a third party without the consent of the operator or site.
  • Members shall not infringe on the intellectual property rights of operators, sites and third parties.

Articl 9, Service Hours

  • Service hours are 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special obstacle in business or technology.
  • However, the site may suspend the service on the day or time set by the site for periodic system check, expansion and replacement of the system, and please refer to the site homepage beforehand for the suspension of service due to scheduled work.
  • However, the Site may suspend the service temporarily or permanently without prior notice or notice to the following cases.
  • In case of emergency system inspection, expansion, replacement, malfunction.
  • If there is a force majeure such as a national emergency, blackouts, or natural disasters.
  • If a telecommunications carrier prescribed in the Telecommunications Business Act has suspended telecommunications services.
  • If there is interference with the normal use of the service due to excessive use of the service.
  • In case of discontinuance of service under the preceding clause, the site will notify the member through announcement etc. in advance.
  • However, if it is not possible to notify in advance about the interruption of the service caused by the reason that the site can not control, it will be replaced with a post notice.

Articl 10, Cancel service

  • If the member intends to terminate the use agreement with the site, the member himself / herself must apply for the cancellation through the online registration.
  • On the other hand, you have to separately contract the use of the site separately from the use of the site.
  • At the same time as the cancellation application, the site related program provided by the site is automatically deleted from the member management screen,
    so that the operator can no longer view the information of the applicant who is canceled.

Articl 11, Limit usage service.

The Member shall not engage in any of the following acts, and in the event of such conduct, the Site may restrict the Member's use of the Service and take appropriate legal action.

  • It is the act of registering false contents when changing the information at the time of joining or joining.
  • Interfere with or steal information from others
  • the act of impersonating the site's executives, employees or stakeholders.
  • Site, or intellectual property rights or interfere with your business.
  • This is an illegal use of another member's ID.
  • We collect, store and disclose personal information about other members without their consent.
  • It is an act that is objectively judged to be connected with a crime.
  • It is a violation of other relevant laws and ordinances.

Articl 12, Manage posts

  • The operator is responsible for the management and operation of the site's posts and materials.
  • Operators should always monitor bad posts and materials, and if they find or report bad posts or reports, they should remove the posts and materials and give the attention to the registered members.
  • On the other hand, the publisher is responsible for the posts posted by the members, so the posts that are not in compliance with the Terms of Use should not be posted by the members themselves.
  • If there is a request for corrective action of public institutions such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee, the operater can delete or move the post without prior consent of the member.
  • Judging criteria for bad posts are as follows.
  • In the case of materially offensive or defamatory content to other members or third parties.
  • To disseminate or link content that violates public order and morals
  • If promoting piracy or hacking.
  • For commercial purposes.
  • It is an act that is objectively judged to be connected with a crime.
  • It infringes another user or a third party and other rights such as copyright.
  • It is a violation of other relevant laws and ordinances.
  • Site and Operator may temporarily suspend (terminate) the posting of a posting from a third party if it is requested to cancel it due to defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, etc., Agreement or any other related party's decision, etc., has been made

Articl 13, Post store.

In the event that the site operator terminates the site in unavoidable circumstances, we strive to inform the member in advance and take all necessary measures to facilitate the transfer of the post.

Articl 14, Copyright for the post

  • The copyright of a post posted by a member on the site is attributed to the member who posted it.
  • In addition, the site will not be commercially available without the consent of the publisher.
  • However, this is not the case for nonprofit purposes, and you will also have a publishing ticket within the service.
  • Members may not commercially use materials posted on the service, including the ability to process, sell, or sell information obtained using the service.
  • The operator may delete, move or refuse registration without prior notice if he / she judges that the content of the site posted or registered by
    the member or the contents of the posting falls under each clause of Article 12.

Articl 15, Compensation for damages

  • All civil and criminal liability incurred on this site is solely the responsibility of the member.
  • If the damage received by the member from this site is caused by force majeure such as natural disasters, or due to intention or negligence of the member, the damage is not compensated.

Articl 16, Immunity

  • The Operator is exempted from liability for any loss or damage incurred by the Member as a result of the expected benefits from the provision of the Site's services or by the selection or use of the Services against the Service Materials.
  • Operators are exempt from liability for any disruption of the service base of this site and the telecommunication services provided by other operaters, and the damages incurred in connection with the service base of this site are subject to the terms and conditions of the site.
  • Operators are not responsible for any data stored, posted or transmitted by members.
  • The operator shall not be responsible for any disruption in the use of the service due to the cause of the member.
  • The operator is not responsible for any activity (including data transmission and other community activities), whether mutual or between members and third parties, or other members' services.
  • The operator is not responsible for the authenticity, reliability, and accuracy of the materials posted or transmitted by members or all the materials available to members through this site.
  • The operator shall not be responsible for any damages arising from the mutual exchange of goods or services between the member and the third party.
  • The operator shall not be responsible for any dispute arising between members or between a member and a third party without cause
  • The operator shall not be liable for any damage to the system caused by intentional malfunctions in the management, inspection, maintenance, replacement or operation of the equipment such as the server, or system malfunction due to attack by a third party, We can not be responsible for any damages caused by unavoidable computer viruses or other force majeure that can not be controlled by the operator.

Additional clause

These Terms will be effective from 29 March 2018.

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